How To Style Your Curtains

The Curtains are the life of a room. There’s no denying that windows are a point of fascination for any domestic/household. Your curtains have so much of design potential, all takes a little imagination & time. 

1. Tied back

Arguably the most popular technique for displaying drapes at any home,  tiebacks—like these classic steel/fabric holdbacks—are an easy and effective way to style your Soft Top Drapes in a pinch. The Theater Style, Keep things sleek and simple with a pair of polished holder ones or jazz things up with some marble accented ones for a touch of drama.

2. Loose and floweyy

Nothing makes a space feel more breezy inside than a window framed by sheer, flowing Soft Top Drapes. Let a gauzy, neutral-colored pair hang loose from a curtain rod extremely delicate and light —not to mention effortless—look in any room of your home.

Glam It Up

Searching for a classy or elegant way to show off your Soft Top Drapes at home with a little more oomph? Tiebacks comes in all shapes, sizes, and styles—think: ones with pompoms, rocks, and sparkly crystals—so you can use some to make a statement with your curtains without interrupting the relaxed vibe of a room.

5. Knotted

When all else fails, you can always hand-tie your Soft Top Drapes to score a unique and personalized look for your window treatments. Try tying each of your panels in one loose, low-hanging knot for a laidback contemporary look, or opt for a tight, mid-panel knot to bring some depth and dimension to your windows.